public speaking & facilitation

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Nothing beats face to face interaction.

Talks, presentations and interactive workshops can be tailored to your audience. I have a knack for story telling, authentic connection and community engagement. My personal journey has created me to be uniquely relatable and humour is my secret weapon to lighten space / situation and inspire action.

I am happiest when I am with you creating, moving, uniting and expanding.
I passionately educate and speak to organisations about the following topics:

Mindfulness Techniques & Incorporating into the Workplace/ Classroom
Self-Regulation and Healthy Coping Mechanisms
Creating Vision & Goals (Personal or corporate)
The line of choice and how to rise from adversity (Turn shit into fertilizer)
Leadership of Self, Others & Organizations
Shifting from Reactivity to Choice Based Response.
Yoga and Movement
Physical Literacy
Stress reduction methodology (Meditation, Breathing Techniques & Practices)
Healthy Behaviours and the power of change
The Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness & Yoga
Health & Wellness / Yoga & Mindfulness Programming for Schools, Healthcare Facilities & Organizations
Entrepreneurship and Ideation (Strategies for Success)
Healthy Relationships & Authentic Connection
Vulnerability & Belonging Practices
The power of working together
Activating Communities & Building Meaningful Initiatives

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