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Jess’ retreats always attract the most open, supportive and generous people. Probably because that’s how Jess is herself. If you’re feeling stuck or feel like you need a break - time to think and breathe - then Embodied Adventure will give you the space and the coaching to do it. It’s always helped me realign my priorities and make sense of my feelings. I left the last retreat I went on in Greece with new friends, knowing myself better that I did before.


I was blown away by Jess’ ability to connect with people on a deeper level outside of their yoga practice. Jess creates an atmosphere in which people can be vulnerable and feel safe amongst their peers. She challenges people to search within themselves and find whatever it is they need to grow or heal. Jess has an amazing ability to see what people need on an individual basis. She recognises that not everyone views things the same way and therefore, teaches in a way that resonates with different perspectives so that students can apply it to their own personal lives. Jess will be real with you when she thinks that you are not being authentic to yourself or your values. It is this attitude and honesty that allows you to take a deeper look inside and address anything in your life that doesn’t align with your vision. I had previously feared creating a mission statement or writing down life values and goals, but Jess coaches you in a way that gets you there organically and from a place of authenticity.

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Jess is such an amazing instructor and educator. She shows so much compassion and love towards her students and provides a safe and welcoming environment to her classes. She has an amazing, positive and radiant energy and it leaves an impact on me every single class. I practice with Jess as my instructor once a week and I literally count down the days until I get to practice with her again.

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Jess’ coaching is both an interactive and collaborative learning experience. By bringing challenging life experiences front and centre, Jess helped me to find patterns and stressors that were creating a barrier in my life and encouraged me to address these experiences by presenting me with some unique tools. Jess is committed to leading dedicated souls who have a longing to enrich their lives by sharing knowledge, encouragement and team support.

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My trip to greece was not just the most amazing yoga experience, but generally the most amazing experience for me. Not only were the actual yoga sessions amazing but it didn’t end on the mat. Stories were exchanged, advice was given and it was an all round safe space for us to explore yoga of the mind and body. Jess was incredibly knowledgeable, authentic and full of life. She made sense of things that have troubled me for most of my life and I hope to experience more of her adventures one day!



Jess is a magnetic person! Her class is the perfect mix of stretch, relaxation and laughter. She makes everyone who walks through the door feel welcomed and comfortable no matter their experience. Jess Incorporates space in her class for reflection and provides tools to attune the body and mind.

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Jess has been instrumental in the success of both my company, and in my personal growth & development. I highly recommend Jess for any creative entrepreneurs, passionate educators, anyone pivoting careers, or working on any sort of ambition- whether it be personal, professional, or finding your potential. Her caring nature, paired with her straightforward approach is honest and allows you to find clarity so that you can ignore the distractions & focus on what will really move you forward. Through strategising, meaningful discussion, and helpful encouragement, Jess has been an integral part of my development as an entrepreneur and in my growth as an individual.


I remember the first time I got glasses. I was 15 years old and I could finally see the leaves on the trees. I hadn’t even known what I wasn’t seeing before. What an amazing experience. But as I’ve shared this with others, I’ve learned that my experience was not unique in the slightest, though it was amazing to me. So many other people experience the exact same thing. Working with Jess is like putting on glasses for the first time – leaving me awestruck and full of wonder at what had been surrounding me all along; at the same time, recognising that everyone around us has experienced something that unites us. Jess taught me practical, effective tools to work through some “stuckness” of the past so that I can honour who I truly am. She brings light into her work – guiding and encouraging each person to step into their purpose by acknowledging their true selves and honouring their experience. Every time I leave an interaction with Jess, I come away feeling encouraged and empowered to approach life with wonder and playfulness. This is how Jess continues to create value for me.